Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Tooth Fairy Pillow

The last time I took the girls to the dentist we were told that Miss Bloom probably still needed to wait a while before any of her teeth came out. But then, one little tooth on the bottom started to get pretty wiggly. And the more Miss Bloom played with it the wigglier it got. I realized that I needed to get with the program and make her a tooth fairy pillow before it's too late. So yesterday afternoon, during Little Boy Blue's naptime, I pulled out my box of felt and got to work.

Luckily, I have a lot of felt scraps and plenty of that felt is sparkly. I cut out two sparkly white circles with 6" diameters.

On one circle, I made a little cat face and tiny purple limbs. The mouth is a pocket for storing those baby teeth.

For the back circle, I made a pair of wings. I cut out two sets of wings from the leftover organza I used on Miss Bloom's princess dress. To prevent fraying I heat sealed the wings with my lighter. It created a cool effect.

Then I sewed my organza wings together, with a piece of blue felt between them, and stitched it down the center to my back circle.

I also gave our little round kitty a purple tail.

With the right sides facing, I sewed my circles together. I left a little opening at the bottom and clipped around the edge. I also placed a small loop of ribbon between the circles so that I could hang up the pillow.

I turned it right side out.

And then filled it with stuffing and stitched it closed.
It's a little quirky looking but I like it.

And it looks pretty cute in her room.

I am so glad that I got this done yesterday because... well, I bet you can guess what happened. Yesterday after school I was talking to a couple mom friends while the kids played. Miss Bloom was wiggling that little tooth like it was her job. And finally it popped out. Right there on the playground. She was soooo excited to lose her first tooth! She showed it to everyone who was still lingering outside the school. At one point, in her excitement, she dropped the tooth on the ground. Luckily, Miss Belle was there and found it with her sharp eyes.

It's a big milestone and just another reminder that my little girl is growing up.

There's an empty space in there!

Same goofy kid.

Short one baby tooth.

So, last night the tooth fairy visited our house for the first time. I took two crisp dollar bills and glittered them up.

I also printed out an official tooth fairy certificate. You can print your own free certificate at Toysinthedryer. I filled it out and signed it from Miss Bloom's personal tooth fairy, Flora Soleil. The certificate also needed a touch of glitter. We like glitter and magic.

I rolled it all up with a little ribbon.

And then Flora Soleil left it for Miss Bloom to find when she woke up this morning.

The tooth fairy came! Hooray!

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