Monday, September 16, 2013

Fashion Refashion: Saving the Beloved Frog PJs (Part 3)

Welcome to the third and final installment of Fashion Refashion: Saving the Beloved Frog PJs. On Saturday I demonstrated how I made Miss Belle's new friend, Snowball the Bunny. Yesterday I showed how I made Miss Belle's boatneck tee and jumper. Today I'm going to wrap things up with a dress and apron for Snowball.
Again, this is what we were working with:

Too small pant and shirt set.

Way too small frog footie pajamas.

Part 3: A Dress and Apron for Snowball

For Snowball's dress, I decided to work with the shirt from the pink and green set.

I removed the pocket and collar. Then I tried it on Snowball so I could see how much I needed to remove. With the shirt folded in half, I pinned the shirt where I wanted the back seam to be and sewed a basting stitch.

I trimmed off the excess fabric.

Because Snowball is a bunny, she needed an opening for her tail. I folded over the hole for the tail and made a nice stitch.

Then I attached the zipper that originally belonged to the purple footie pajamas.

The sleeves were too long so I cut those down to size and hemmed the ends.

I cut a strip of footie pajama and made a slight ruffle for the bottom of the dress.

I thought that a Peter Pan collar would look nice on this dress. So I cut out two semi circles and zig zagged the edges.

Lining up the edges, with the right side of the collars facing the inside of the dress, I attached the collar pieces.

I folded the Peter Pans over the top of the neckline, and top stitched them into place.

And we have a completed Bunny doll dress!

To add a little more purple to Snowball's outfit, I decided to make a little apron.

I cut out a semi-circle, hemmed the top edge and zig zagged the curved side.

I attached the shirt pocket and a piece of ribbon at the top.

No more tiny pajamas!

Snowball loves her new dress and apron.

Miss Belle loves her new shirt and jumper.

Everyone is happy and ready for tea time.

A very pleased 4 year old!


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