Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Princess Dress

Miss Bloom turned 6 this week and that means two things:
1. It's the end of birthday season!
2. She needs a birthday dress.

My big girl decided that she wanted to have a pretty, pretty princess party and she designed a dress to match.

So refined!

She drew a sketch of the dress she wanted. A poofy skirt with an overlay that opens up in the front, criss cross ribbons on the front of the bodice, and Snow White style sleeves. Sure, no problem.

Then Miss Bloom and I went shopping for the perfect fabric. After a lot of indecision, we finally decided on cornflower blue satin, beaded iris organza, and silver ribbon for the details.

I think we created a lovely princess gown!

As requested, the bodice front has a placard with criss cross silver ribbon.

The banded puff sleeves have organza inserts à la Snow White.

And the skirt is a gathered circle skirt with two layers of tulle underneath for maximum twirl.

 I love the way the organza shimmers in the sunshine.

Miss Bloom enjoyed frolicking in her new dress.

But even a princess can get a little ornery once in awhile.

Aahh!! No makeup!

The princess agreed to one more elegant pose.

Silly, happy kid!

In her pretty princess dress.

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