Monday, August 5, 2013

Painted Plants

Do you vignette? I love having little visual focal points scattered throughout our home.

Like in my kitchen window...

 ...the dining room...

...the art room...

...even in the bathroom.

The bathroom window is one of my favorite areas. Especially because of this little guy.

I painted that plant purple two years ago (it was one of my first pinterest projects) and he is still going strong. Which is kind of amazing for me. Unfortunately, plants usually nose-dive, rather than thrive, under my care. Due to the success of my little purple wonder, the girls and I decided to recreate this project so they could have painted plants of their own.

One of the keys to my plant's long life, I believe, is the fact that it is a succulent. These hearty creatures require minimal care.

Miss Belle and I went shopping and picked out two little succulents that were about $3 each. We also grabbed a new pot and saucer for each plant for a total of less than $5 per girl. Then we got to work.

First, the girls painted their flower pots.

Then they each picked a color from my spray paint collection. Miss Bloom chose "Apple Red" and Miss Belle chose a light pink (shocking!) called "Sweet Pea."

The girls painted just the leaves of their plants.

Once all of the paint was dry, we transferred our painted plants into their new pots. We tried to remove as much painted dirt as possible and replaced it with fresh, clean soil.

We gave our plants some water and then we were all done.

A quick and easy project for adding some new, colorful, visual interest to the home.

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