Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sunshine Fairy Dust

Flora Soleil made another visit to our house last night. And it has been a loooong time coming. Seriously. One of the benefits of having a blog is that I can verify that it has been a whole year since the last time Miss Bloom lost a tooth. And it took 5 months from the time she lost her first tooth until her second tooth was gone. At this rate, the girl is going to have missing teeth gaps in her prom pictures.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the tooth loss process is slow as molasses in our house. All of the kids took a long time to get their baby teeth in the first place. Here's Miss Bloom at 15 months. You can barely see those top two teeth. I will say, though, that she made up for her lack of teeth with some killer gums. Baby girl could gnaw with the best.

So the last few weeks Miss Bloom has had a very loose tooth and she's been walking around the house like this.

Finally, she got up the courage to visit the school's resident tooth puller, Mme. Lorena. Miss Bloom told me that Mme. Lorena pulled teeth from three kids yesterday. I wonder if she gets a commission from the Tooth Fairy Federation.


Miss Bloom's personal tooth fairy, Flora Soleil, was ready to swoop in. As usual, she got an official certificate.

Thanks to my "heads up" text about Miss Bloom's tooth, I swung by the Dollar Tree on my way to pick the girls up from school and bought a package of these. Fairy Dust!

Since it's so gray and gloomy outside I thought she would appreciate a little bottle of sunshine.

Pretty cute!

Miss Bloom was super excited to show off her goodies.

"I got a certificate."

"And fairy dust."

"And a dollar. Except it's not sparkly this time. That's different."

"Here's my tooth fairy pillow."
Daddy photobomb!

"And my sister..."

"Take a picture of my Popeye face."
What a ham.

Thanks for the gifts, Flora Soleil! We'll see you in 6 months! ♥

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