Thursday, January 30, 2014

A visit from Flora Soleil and the Fairy Button Ring

It's been five long months since Miss Bloom lost her first baby tooth. The tooth next to it was wiggly (it became wiggly the day after the first tooth fell out, if you ask her) but, as much as she played with it, that little guy wouldn't come out. On Monday Miss Bloom and her friend Kat paid a visit to the school's resident tooth puller. Kat's tooth came out but Miss Bloom's wasn't quite ready. Finally (finally!) Miss Bloom came home from school yesterday with that precious envelope from Madame Lorena.

She was so excited! And in the car on the way home from school she said to me "The tooth fairy is supposed to bring something different each time, right?" Sure, no pressure. I remembered a conversation I had with my lovely friend Rin. She told me that her daughter's tooth fairy used to bring feathers, keys, and other fairy treasures. I absolutely love that idea! So I started brain storming ideas of what I have around the house that would be magical and fairy-like but also not recognizable. I decided to make a button ring.

In my jewelry making box I had a few ring bases. However, I thought that a fairy wouldn't necessarily have ring-bases on-hand.

Instead, I went with this thin silver wire. Magical fairy thread.

I cut nine pieces.

And made three braids.

Then I braided those three braids together.

And bent it into a ring shape, a little bigger than my pinkie.

After that I chose two pretty buttons from my button box.

I wrapped another piece of wire in and out of the button holes to join them together.

Finally, I twisted the button and ring wires together to attach the two pieces.

Fairy ring!

Miss Bloom's fairy, Flora Soleil, also brought another sparkly dollar.

And an official certificate from the Tooth Fairy Federation.

She was one happy girl this morning.

And she loved her Fairy Button Ring!

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