Monday, June 16, 2014

Folk Art and Forestry: Happy 5th Birthday Miss Belle!

Happy 5th birthday to my goofy Miss Belle! She has been counting down the "sleeps" until today. Such a cute kid! To celebrate this special occassion I took the kids on a picnic hike earlier today. And we managed to get some pictures of her new birthday dress during our adventure.

This time I decided to go in a different, less frilly direction. Something easy, comfortable and inspired by folk art.

We chose a magenta jersey knit fabric for the dress and I cut it in an a-line style.

Perfect for a day of climbing...



and just generally being cute.

So, how is this dress inspired by folk art? When Miss Belle made her birthday list she was very specific about her dress. She wanted a dress with her picture on it. Actually, her picture sewn on it. Oookkkaaayyyy. Sure thing, kid. Let me get right on that. Embroidery is not my strong suit. But of course I was game to try something new.

Not too terrible, right?

Around the neck, hem and sleeves I added some slinky, shiny fabric because it is still a birthday dress and needs a little sparkle.

 I also gave her straps because the neck was much bigger than I intended. Sometimes measurements can be a little off when you are just winging it.

Happy birthday beautiful baby!

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