Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vintage-Style Sweater Clip

This weekend we're going to visit my husband's family. And that means family pictures. We've started a new tradition where each family group chooses a color and this year our family is going with purple. So I've been trying to piece together purple shirts for all of us and I think I've got almost everybody figured out. Which is good because we're leaving in less than 48 hours. I decided to put Miss Belle in this purple polo dress and sweater but I didn't like the way the sweater was hanging on her. Then I remembered those sweater clips that little old ladies wear to keep their cardigans in place and wondered if I could find materials around the house to make a simple sweater clip. Coincidentally, while I was in the living room pondering Miss Belle and Little Boy Blue were playing in the coat closet and trying on old winter coats. I noticed a pair of mitten clips (without mittens attached. Ironic.) hanging from the size 2T coat Miss Belle was trying to squeeze into. Aha!!!

So, I snatched that old, dingy mitten clip and got to work.

First I snipped off the old used-to-be-pink elastic. Nobody's going to miss that. And I was left with a perfectly usable pair of clips.

Then I found a sprig of pearls that were left over from a Presidential Dinner Party centerpiece several years back.

I clipped off three pearls for each clip.

And hot glued one on.

Then I added two more.

Miss Belle helped with the second clip.

Ol' Blue Eyes also wanted to get in on the action.

Two fancy clips.

Now I needed to attach them together. Rather than using a chain, I cut a piece of black elastic 4" long. Ultimately this proved to be too long and I redid it with a 2" piece of elastic.

We folded over and glued the elastic onto both clips.

All done! We were a little messy with the glue but it looked better with the second, smaller piece of elastic.



Pretty cute!

Miss Belle wanted a picture of her Popeye impression. I love this goofy kid!

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