Thursday, September 26, 2013

Two-Step Stencil: French Kat

This past weekend the girls and I attended the birthday party of one of the sweetest kids we know at Miss Bloom's school. Miss Bloom and Kat go to a French-speaking school, so I wanted to create something with a French theme. I combined that with the birthday girl's name and had my inspiration. A French Kat freezer paper stenciled tee.

I began by making a grey tee from my favorite super-soft jersey knit. To up the sparkle factor, I used leftover pink confetti dot nylon along the neckline and sleeve cuffs.

Then it was time to start painting. In my previous stenciling projects, I drew one design that I painted in one color. This time I wanted to make it more dynamic by adding a second color. Of course, now that I've figured out how to do this I feel like the sky is the limit. Next project: 20 stencils! Not really, but it's possible.

The first stencil that I drew was the basic head shape of the cat. I ironed it onto the center of the shirt.

And painted it pink. Bright, shiny, girly pink.

After letting it dry overnight, I peeled off the paper.
A pink cat.

Now it was time for the second stencil. When I drew it out, I laid the freezer paper over the cat stencil and drew the shapes I wanted to paint: a beret, scarf, and whiskers. I traced a dotted line around the cat shape so I would know where to place it on the shirt.

Then I painted black over the blank spaces of my second stencil.

Once my black paint was dry, I removed the stencil and ironed over the whole thing. This heat-sealed the paint color.

I made a matching flower hair clip.

And then our gift for French Kat was complete!

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