Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

My poor blog has been a bit neglected lately. I have been so busy with the kids, their school, Girl Scouts... and making Halloween costumes! I spent more time than I had planned on creating just the right looks for my little ones. But it was so worth it. I think they look great and they are super happy with the results.

We decided to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Miss Bloom makes a perfect Alice.

I made her blue dress with a simple bodice and large, gathered skirt. She also has puff sleeves, a Peter Pan collar, and an attached apron.

To give her skirt the full look (like in the cartoon), I added boning in the hem, similar to a hoop skirt.

I also made a small tutu and pantaloons to go under her dress. That really helped give her skirt the shape I was hoping to create.

A black headband with a velvet bow completed her outfit.

Miss Belle was very excited to be our Queen of Hearts.

I gave her a color-blocked dress with a large heart on the bodice front. Her neck and wrists are lined with fake fur. The skirt is made up of two layered circle skirts and the bottom layer has red heart lace along the hem.

The color blocking continues on the back.

And every queen needs a crown and scepter. I found a wooden heart wand and painted it to match her outfit. To make the crown, I cut the shape I wanted out of craft foam and covered it with gold lamé fabric. Fancy!

I love how "into character" she got!

I am the queen!

Little Boy Blue completed our trio as the White Rabbit.

I made him a white, zip-up, hooded bunny suit with floppy ears and a fluffy tail. Our dapper bunny is also sporting a plaid button vest and blue bow tie.

And this particular rabbit carries a big pocket watch to insure that he is never late for an important date. To make the pocket watch I covered a circle of foam with felt and attached a long chain.

That rabbit is on the move!

And he is super adorable. ♥

We had so much fun playing with their costumes.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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  1. So cute! There's so much detail in each of these costumes. Amazing. :)