Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fashion Refashion: Fun Patches

Unless your home is in a utopian, alternate universe, you probably have the same problem as me: kids outgrow their clothes, zippers are broken, pant knees get holes, etc. These things happen. A lot. So I try to find ways to save our clothing items or remake them into something new. With that in mind, I'm starting a new series called Fashion Refashion. Fashion Refashion is all about reinventing the old into a new, and just as fabulous, piece. Stay tuned for more posts with ideas about how to refashion your fashion.

The other day, Miss Bloom was wearing a pair of leggings and- somehow I had missed how bad this had gotten- I was shocked to see the holes on this pair of pants. Shocked! I guess she really wore them out during gym class.

Seriously, look at these holes. The left leg looks like it is about to fall off.

It's important for Miss Bloom to have leggings to wear under her school skirts and jumpers, especially during the cold months. And these still fit her. So I didn't want to just throw them away. I decided to make a couple fun patches to fix them up.

All I needed was fabric (I chose this cute red heart cotton print from my stash), fusible interfacing, and a needle and thread.

I cut out the fabric into shapes big enough to cover the holes in Miss Bloom's pants. I also cut pieces of interfacing a tad bigger than my patches.

Then, using a pressing cloth, I ironed the interfacing (shiny side down) onto the back of my fabric. The interfacing gives the cotton a little extra strength and durability.

 Then I gave my patches a trim around the edges.

There are several different ways you can finish the edges of your patches and/or attach them to your clothing. You could serge or zigzag stitch around the edges and then straight stitch it on. You could zigzag stitch it on. Either way will give you a clean finish. I chose to forgo those options and went for a rustic, semi-frayed look.

I pinned the heart patch onto one leg, completely covering the hole in the leggings. And sewed it into place.

I sewed around a few more times for extra reinforcement.

 Then I attached the second patch in the same way. Really, it's that easy.

Ta da! So much better!

I make a lot of patches and there are so many different options. This pair of pants has been around for a long time and it sporting a trio of patches- circle, heart, star, and a little paint. I used a zigzag stitch to attach them.

Sparkle patch, anyone?

 Not too shabby for school? More shabby chic than just shabby.

Pretty cute (the patches and the kid).

Fun Patches!

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