Monday, April 1, 2013

A rainbow bedroom for Miss Bloom & Miss Belle

I dream about colors. A house full of warm, rich, vibrant colors. A candy apple green kitchen, buttery yellow and rust orange dining room, soothing blue bedroom. My reality, however, is cream walls. Everywhere. So I have to find creative solutions to add the colors I crave to my home. 

My girls also love color so I knew that I wanted them to have a rainbow-themed room with soft, feminine (but not sugary sweet) blue highlights. 

Their dresser has been floating around our household for almost a decade. I think I originally bought it off a friend for about $40. And it was seriously ready for a makeover. I decided to paint it ombré style by choosing a paint swatch and using the lightest shade for the main part of the dresser and painting each drawer a subsequently darker shade. Home Depot sells sample sizes for a few dollars and one of each was plenty for this project. Framed prints are from the awesome shop Flapper Doodle. Miss Bloom made the other artwork for her octopus-loving sister.

One of my biggest pet peeves is drawers left open (I have no idea why it bothers me so much-- but it happens a lot). So I decided that we might as well make it look nice when the drawers are ajar. Light pink is Miss Belle's favorite.

 Little boy blue doing a little post-bath photobombing.

Miss Bloom was coveting this sheer rainbow fabric so we used it to make tie-back curtains with crystals for extra flair.


My daughters have an enviable closet but they still needed a home for all of their shoes. A hanging shoe organizer was the perfect solution and a quick and easy sewing project.

In order to have a true rainbow room, they needed an actual rainbow on their wall. I drew out a grid to map where I wanted each of the felt hearts to be placed and then sewed them onto ribbon. The lava lamp was originally bought for one of our college apartments but now it makes a great night light!


Since we live in a small space, it is essential that everything has a home. Even dance bags and superhero capes.

What kid doesn't like to play in tents and forts? I made a removable fort for their bunk bed that buttons closed (on the inside) on one side and has a window on the other end.

Miss Belle loves it!

For a final personal touch, I made each girl a throw pillow that Miss Bloom immediately dubbed their "hugging pillows."  ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. Lucky girls! You're inspiring me to gussy up my kids' rooms. I've been really lazy about decorating the past year since we're "just renting," but most of this could totally move on to a new home.

  2. It can definitely be moved to the next place! I think it is important to give kids (and ourselves) a fun, personal space... even if it is temporary.