Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dragon!!! Recycled Art with Miss Belle

 A few days ago Miss Belle and I were in the midst of the golden hours of the day: We had come home from a playdate, finished lunch, Little Boy Blue was taking a nap, and we still had a couple of hours until we needed to go pick up Miss Bloom from school. And the weather outside was gorgeous! Miss Belle decided that she would like to do an art project and paint. I was game for that. The result was fun and totally reflected my wild girl's personality: tough animal in pretty, feminine colors.

We pulled out our giant collection of recycled objects: Toilet paper and paper towel rolls, egg cartons, macaroon cans, etc.

Miss Belle chose her materials.

Let the painting begin! Of course, she chose pinks and purples.

We added a little spray paint for fun.


After all the pieces were dry (t.p. rolls and egg cartons dry quickly!) we glued our creature together.

A dragon!

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