Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

Yes, I am fully aware that Halloween was 4 days ago. It took a couple days to recover from all the excitement. :) I try to have costumes finished several days early so I can get some pre-festivities pictures of the kids and for my own sanity. However, it just didn't happen this year. Two big Girl Scout events, a couple of orders from the shop and a home emergency all that week threw me way off schedule. I didn't even start Little Boy Blue's costume until 9:00 the night before Halloween. In the end, though, I think their costumes were pretty fantastic.

For months we talked about doing a Powerpuff Girls theme. Then October rolled around and Miss Bloom and I just weren't feeling it. We decided to have the kids pick anything they wanted and they all happened to choose animals.

Miss Bloom went as a cheetah princess.

I found this great cheetah print with a little shine to it. She wanted a long dress but we decided to give it a sleek silhouette. You know, like a cheetah.

 Every princess needs a crown so her headband has both cheetah ears and a tiara. She also sported a studded collar.

Miss Belle wanted to be a swan. I used an old white leotard (that's been a crucial Halloween costume component before) and added lots of embellishments. Around her collar and wrists I hot glued on some white boa. That's right. I said glue gun. It was clearly the right decision at that moment. Ain't no shame in my game.

I created a half tutu from sparkly white tulle and floral ribbon for her tail feathers.

To complete her look I made swan eyes and a beak out of felt and attached them, plus some more feathers, to a plain white mask.

There she is!

My little guy wanted to be his favorite animal: the giraffe. So cute. I got this super soft giraffe print and made a zip up hooded sleeper.

His tail was made from the same fabric as the the sleeper plus strands of brown felt.

Finally, I made some ears and horns. The horns were so simple. Craft foam with a pom pom glued on top.

My cute little menagerie.

A couple of hams.

I hope your Halloween was as fantastic as ours!

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