Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's time for... Chanukah in the Chouse (almost)

Chanukah starts at sundown tonight and we are in major prep mode. Even though we celebrate a very low key, tree-and-Santa-only Christmas, it feels like Chanukah is always an afterthought for the kids. Because it is the actual religiously relevant holiday in our household, I decided to ramp things up a bit with eight days of fun. Come back to see how we are celebrating our 8 Crazy Nights of the Festival of Lights.

My sister came to me with an idea for a new Menorah that she saw on Pinterest. My old Menorah is missing a candle holder, which means that it can't completely serve its purpose. So I was game for a little Menorah making.

We each chose a block of wood 12" long and nine small plastic animals. Eight for the eight nights of Chanukah and one for the Shamash. I went with wild animals and she chose a dinosaur theme.


We needed to figure out a way to attach the candle holders to the animals. We started with a drill but, in the words of my sister, apparently it was not meant for that.

A hammer and small nail was a better idea.
Once we were happy with our tester dino we went to work on the other animals.

We hammered a hole in each animal, filled it with a dab of hot glue, and inserted the candle holder.


Then we sprayed the bases and animals with silver spray paint.

After they dried I placed them on their bases, making sure to center the Shamash animal.

A little hot glue on the bottoms of their feet and they were securely attached.

After an extra coat of paint they were complete.

A pack of Chanukah animals...

...And dinosaurs.


This morning the kids and I also got into the Chanukah spirit by frying up some donuts. Because it wouldn't be Chanukah without oily food. This is an ancient recipe that has been passed down for generations (technically three- my mom, me, and now my kids). Hopefully my mother won't mind me sharing it.

We gathered up our ingredients and supplies.

And started heating up the pan of oil.

While we waited for the oil to warm, Miss Belle and Little Boy Blue poked holes in the donuts with a toothpaste cap.

Then Miss Bloom threw in a tester donut hole to make sure the oil was ready.

We fried up the donuts.

And then covered them in sugar.

Lots of sugar.

Little Boy Blue thought he was pretty sneaky.

I saw that!
And, easy as that, they were done.

Look at those beautiful donuts (and chefs).

I'll take one of those.


Sugar lips.

Did I mention there was sugar involved?

Hooray for Chanukah! We are ready for the first night tonight!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the menorah idea!!! They looked like they turned out really nicely, and the silver paint is very festive. Looks like it will be a wonderful holiday.

  2. Kara let's try that next year! Maybe we could make Aiden a cool one with trucks or something.