Monday, April 14, 2014

Passover Pageantry

It's my favorite holiday of the year- Passover! I love all of it: matzoh ball soup, searching for the afikomen, my mom's mouthwatering brisket, a table full of family and almost-family (30 this year!). In our house we've been busily preparing for the Seder. Toffee matzoh, flourless cookies, and charoset are all freshly made and waiting to go over to Grandma and Grandpa's house. And then, of course, there are the clothes.

We like to get dressed up. Well, the kids get all dressed up. This year for Passover I let the girls choose their fabric and I designed the clothes.

We chose a bright, colorful, spring palette.  It is really difficult to get a good picture of three kids!

Miss Belle, being the most opinionated, went first. Is anyone surprised that she wanted light pink? I was really unsure how these two fabrics would look together but I think I made it work. She chose a pink paisley and an orange/pink/yellow psychedelic print. The wildness of her contrasting fabric made me want to do something very structured.

 Her dress has a pleated circle skirt and a sleeveless, pleated bodice. I also added decorative buttons, a peter pan collar, and a sash at the waist.

Miss Bloom's green and blue dress also has a circle skirt but I wanted her dress to have a softer, ruffled look.

Instead of pleating her skirt, I gathered it at the waist. Then I gave her thin shoulder straps and a ruffle along the top of her dress.

Windy day!

Little Boy Blue is sporting a three piece suit.

I made him a yellow striped button down shirt, a grey vest and grey pants. Those man shirts have a lot of parts- upper back, lower back, front, sleeves, collar stand, collar. Phew!

Show us your moves, Little Man!

Sweet sisters!

They found another StL 250 Cake!

Time for a little rest...

Happy Passover!

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